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It's been Educational

for over 30 years

We have been providing Equine training & Education in Kent for over 30 years!

In 1986 we commenced with ‘Working pupil’ courses at our first stable yard known as ‘Padbrook Meadow’ in Lower Halstow. The Students worked a 5 ½ day week back then in return for a small wage and training towards their British Horse Society (BHS) qualifications. These courses were similar to today’s modern apprenticeship schemes and we continued with them when we relocated the venture to Callum Park in 1991. They eventually declined as they became contrary to changing legislation and the rise in more available college courses.

In 1997 we signed our first formal contract to provide Education with Canterbury College – to deliver NVQ and BHS studies for their students.

In 2007 we contracted with Mid Kent College to provide ‘First Diploma’ Equine courses. This was a pioneering partnership and developed the college’s first Equine curriculum.

In 2010 we signed a contract with the Sittingbourne Community college (SCC) to provide BTEC courses for their Sixth form students. This was a unique arrangement and a first in the UK for such a venture. At this stage our education was now being delivered under our brand name – The Kent Equine Academy (KEA).

In 2014 we signed an exclusive contract with the Canterbury Academy to deliver BTEC Levels 1, 2 and 3 Diplomas and became the only independent and approved supplier of these courses in the UK. The provision peaked in 2016/17 with approximately 50 students enrolled. We had at this point achieved our goal of creating one of the finest, Independent Equine Education facilities in the UK. Our results were outstanding and we had proven that there was significant demand for such a provision and that students excelled when placed in a practical and commercial environment and provided with college standard education and pastoral care.

And then in 2017 – just as we had reached our pinnacle - they cancelled our funding!

So, from 2018 – after 32 years of Equine Education, we decided to dismount and hang up the tack.   After endlessly jumping seemingly insurmountable fences, convinced that one day we would prove the need for a provider such as the KEA – we finally did - and we feel accomplished in this.

We have had the most wonderful time and have met the most fabulous young people along the way and it was a privilege to have helped so many of you on your journey from school to work life.

We wish you all every success for your Brilliant futures that lie ahead and we thank you for entrusting your sixth form education to us and hope that you always remember that you were participants in a truly unique Equine educational program that is unlikely to be seen again in Kent.