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Callum Park Riding School

Riding for the many

After 3 Decades of providing Horse Riding Tuition, Callum Park has taught in excess of 20,000 people to Ride.

In addition to becoming one of the most successful and renowned Riding Schools in Kent, Callum Park also provided a student training scheme. This was known in its day as a 'Working Pupil' scheme. A student on leaving school would typically work and train 5 ½  days per week for up to 2 years within a Riding school to obtain their teaching certificate. 

Of course times have changed and such traditional courses have been replaced. Agricultural colleges now offer Equine courses with government backing and subsequent legislation made the delivery of these programs by traditional riding schools impractical. There's no doubt that this move to college based Learning improved the technical and academic aspect of training with horses and certainly improved the choice of courses available to students however, we believe that Vocational courses are always best delivered in the environment that they are intended for.

Eventually, some colleges even entered the market without having any Equestrian facilities themselves. These providers draw down the funding from Government and then sub contract the training to local stable yards. These Stables then deliver the practical training and the colleges handle the enormous mountain of  legislative and Assessment work required. These courses tend to be desribed as  'Work based Learning courses' which are effectively the old NVQ programs renamed. Whilst they are certainly practical by nature and allow hands on experience they do not necessarily provide the best pathway to higher education should you decide that this is an option that you might pursue later on.

It seemed to us that what was ideally required was a commercial Stable yard environment that could deliver the practical skills and work ethic required to work successfully within the industry but at the same time deliver the Quality and support of a College to maximise Academic success.

and so - we developed our systems, relied on our experience, made use of our facilities, found a fabulous supporting partner and became the first Riding school in the UK to achieve a BTEC Centre Approval.

and the result of this exercise is -   The Kent Equine Academy (KEA)